Can distributors seize the Xaas opportunity?

Distributors play a vital role in keeping the lines between software publishers and hardware manufacturers and users operating smoothly. They can expedite response times, enhance a company’s reach and even create value-added packages. The Distributor market place has been doomed by many to disappear often, and it will continue to be doomed moving forward. But, they […]

How does your marketplace measures against the others ? Use the Fluidity Index to find out !

The Fluidity Index A yardstick for your marketplace An online marketplace is a platform that connects buyers and sellers so they can trade various exchange units. The owner of the marketplace plays the role of the intermediary and facilitates the exchange between buyer and seller. With so much evolving technology and potential offers, it is […]

Marketplace community engagement via Twitter – the Salesforce AppExchange way

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A picture can paint a thousand words, but what about a tweet? It is difficult to tell the whole story in just 280 characters. However, Salesforce’s AppExchange‘s Twitter account as a whole certainly gives a good overview of the marketplace and the associated ecosystem. The account is definitely one to follow. It’s engaging, and gives […]

How modern marketplaces are changing the role of distributors—and how distributors are responding

Distributors are seldom seen, and not much heard—but in reality, they play a key role in making the technology world go round. It is distributors who act as intermediaries between vendors and value-added resellers or system integrators in the IT world. This means that they play a vital role in connecting customers to producers. However, […]

The stacked value proposition: how marketplaces can get value from competitive analysis

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There are many frameworks for developing and evaluating company strategy. Perhaps the best known, however, is Porter’s Five Forces. This looks at five areas, supplier power, customer power, competitive rivalry, threat of substitutes and threat of new entrants. Companies using this approach consider the opportunities and threats across the five forces to give them a […]

Microsoft AppSource curates customer and partner experiences

Microsoft AppSource is a global marketplace containing thousands of business applications and services built by industry-leading software providers. You can think of AppSource as an app store for all Microsoft products, visible for all publicly on the internet. AppSource was launched by Microsoft in 2016 and Microsoft’s vision for AppSource is to be a central […]

Experience and the ecosystem – satisfaction is not enough

Satisfaction is not enough and the ecosystem experience Trapped or free ? Are the customers buying and returning because of habits or by lack of choice ? Why are they not interested in more products ? They may enjoy the interaction with the marketplace and ultimately with the seller but did they gain anything else […]

Pick your side : three types of marketplaces

There are probably as many types of marketplaces as there are business models. There are also probably nearly as many classifications. They do, however, have one thing in common: the revenue involved is huge, often scaling to hundreds of millions of dollars. We find one helpful classification is into three main types by purpose: transactional […]

What it takes to be listed – an ISV’s journey

Inside the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem Partnerships, ecosystems, and marketplaces are on the rise. However, talking about partnerships and creating a genuine mutually beneficial relationship with another business are two very different things. At this roundtable, Hadley Christoffels shared his experience with the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem as an ISV. As pre-reading, roundtable participants were invited to […]