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How modern marketplaces are changing the role of distributors—and how distributors are responding

Distributors are seldom seen, and not much heard—but in reality, they play a key role in making the technology world go round. It is distributors who act as intermediaries between vendors and value-added resellers or system integrators in the IT world. This means that they play a vital role in connecting customers to producers. However, […]

The stacked value proposition: how marketplaces can get value from competitive analysis

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There are many frameworks for developing and evaluating company strategy. Perhaps the best known, however, is Porter’s Five Forces. This looks at five areas, supplier power, customer power, competitive rivalry, threat of substitutes and threat of new entrants. Companies using this approach consider the opportunities and threats across the five forces to give them a […]

Experience and the ecosystem – satisfaction is not enough

Satisfaction is not enough and the ecosystem experience Trapped or free ? Are the customers buying and returning because of habits or by lack of choice ? Why are they not interested in more products ? They may enjoy the interaction with the marketplace and ultimately with the seller but did they gain anything else […]